9 Healthy Tips – Get ACKtive on Nantucket!

9 of my Healthy Tips for Nantucket BlACKbook!

1. Spring Training.

Jami Lower teaches a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) weight class starting May 4th, Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 7:00-7:45 am at Bartlett’s Farm in the Hayloft.  The class is open to the public and just $15 per class, — it’s sure to toughen you up.

2. Sanford Farm.
Sanford - 4

Now that spring has sprung, grab a friend and head out for a 3.2 mile walk or do the whole 6 mile loop if you’re feeling the trail!

NOTE: it’s especially gorgeous at DUSK.

3. Bike

Lisa Frey Biking
photo Lisa Frey

Haul that bike out storage.  Take it to Island Bike for a tune up and do the Polpis Loop.  If you train, there is a group that meets a few mornings a week at 5 am to train together.  Check out the Nantucket Triathalon FB page for information. Now that the weather is better, the group is more regular and always welcoming serious bikers.



Cisco Brewers

Seriously.  It’s going to get crazy on island.  The pace is already ramping up as “The Season” approaches.  Enjoy this slower time.  Head to Cisco Brewery and catch some live music with the locals!

5. Swim


Most of us mere mortals can’t get into the ocean at this point, but the Nantucket Community Pool is open.  Buy a 10-pass and get in shape.

6. Daylight Savings.

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Now that we have Sprung Forward and passed the Equinox, the sun is setting later.  Days are longer, there are more options for movement, and the desire to grab a large glass of wine, eat cheesy potatoes and huddle in front of the fireplace doesn’t hit when it gets dark, mid-afternoon! Get out there and get ACKtive as the sun now sets later and later.

7. Spring Clean.


Not like your Grandma did (although cleaning house is always good!) Do a Cleanse.  Reboot your system.  Every 30 days, cells are regenerated in our bodies. See how quickly your body responds to a program jam packed with nutrients and super foods.  Release excess weight and gain energy.  Get the blender out and whittle down to that bikini bod!  I have coached many clients to weight loss and increased energy with a nutritionally based cleanse. Give a call and we can see if this system is for you.  508 825 2525

8. Flush the body


Sandy Walsh giving me a fabulous Thai Massage!

Get the blood moving with a massage. Sandy Walsh explains regular massage: increases blood circulation, detoxifies and boots the immune system, increases range of motion and mobility, improves breathing, posture, balance and alignment, tones the muscles and strengthens the joints, relieves mental and emotional stress, re-oots energy level and stamina.  Not bad for something that also feels great!  One of my island favorites is Sandy Walsh for Thai Massage (508.863.1308)

9. Purge

Nantucket Consignments

Get rid of your stuff.  This is easier said than done (trust me; I’m a of a packrat). Think the Stop & Shop does a brisk trade?  It’s nothing to the rate of barter on Nantucket Consignments (a private Facebook Group with 5,000+ members!)  Post something that no longer serves you.  Attach a price.  If it’s good, it’ll move.  Plus, you get to meet new people on island when you do The Trade.

Sara Boyce, MBA, MPH brings her creative vision and personalized attention to each client.  With a 24-year career in marketing, her approach is strategic, collaborative, and effective. Coincidentally, she has also spent the last 24 years without flour and sugar and coaches people who want to transform their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. A long-time Nantucket resident, Sara eats clean and healthy, but rarely turns down a glass of good wine or the occasional cream sauce. She has a crazy belief that a life that prioritizes beauty, health, and wellness is actually A Delicious Lifestyle and has a blog to prove it!  Email her at

This article first ran in the Nantucket BlACKbook

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