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It’s always enough….

I go to yoga, hungry to connect.

The glittering jewel of summer we’ve been reaching for has arrived. We who live here have waited for the weather to turn and for our friends who work and visit to come. We are rewarded with perfection.

Growing up in NJ, summer was filled with lazy, humid, never-ending days. Time is faster on Nantucket.

Business booms and it’s time to generate business for the rest of the year. A summer resort, most people who live here make their living during this short season.

It’s also time to play.  There’s always something to do and we fill our plates to overflowing.

– The romance of summer envelops us.
– The water calls and we swim as often as we can remember to get to the beach.
– We drink in the sun and bathe in its warmth.
– The island is swollen to capacity with people and events.
– The line to The Juice Bar wraps around the block and we join the throng of people willing to overpay for delicious ice cream.
– We don scanty clothes, knowing we could be comfortable without.
– The weather calls us to move outside. To lace up running shoes, to meet a friend to bike the loop, to strap on roller blades, to kayak, to ride the waves with or without a board.
– As the sun drops and fills the sky with color, the weather permits us to linger on our back steps, the beach, or the patio.
– Roses, honeysuckle, privet and salt air surround us with a heady fragrance.
– The island’s beauty is intoxicating.

I’ve hungered for it all and I sample everything. The hula dancing classes, the picnics on the beach, the volunteer committees, the events, the bands that visit in the summer, the friends, the gala events.

Delicious gluttony.

So why has my focus shifted from the internal to the external?  Why am I anxious?  As if there won’t be enough, I want more. More experience. More food. More connection. More time.

I forgot. I got lost in the cornucopia of opportunity.

Has it already been two weeks since I met that potential client?

Give a call.

What did his one-word text response mean?

Probably what it said.

The summer is flying by! I’m overwhelmed by activities.

So do less.


I get comfortable on the mat, and meaningless tears of frustration appear as we take those first few precious minutes in silence. I am reminded it is my spirit that needs to be fed.

My hunger is for stillness, so I can pad everything else with space and appreciation.

Keeping my movements and thoughts curtailed to my mat, I settle into the pose and come back to myself. Shannah’s voice falls around me, reminding us, “It’s always enough. It’s only our mind that wants more.”

Shannah Green owns The Yoga Room on Nantucket.

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