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What Brought Me Here?

The King Stork brought me here, wings pulsing with the strong rhythmic beat of the heart.  Moving the world with the speed of intention – he hung in the stillness of time.  Trusting the process, he knew that the softly stirring soul he was carrying would be drawn, as if by a magnet.   Flying from beyond distance and time, he lowered through the ether and clouds, scanning the treetops and roofs with his sightless vision.

The colors that emanated from the homes below combined into a brilliant rainbow of flickering energy.  He flew into the night, taking care to comfortably rock his precious lavender charge.

Finding himself over America, the King Bird was pulled down.  Heading ever closer to New York, he knew his latest mission was almost complete.  Bearing north and a bit east, he answered a light that was sent out with the steady frequency of a lighthouse.

From high above and deep within, he could see pink and blue, laying close together, two separate energies that when combined created lavender.  Like a ship led through a dense, cool fog, he was drawn down into port..  Just nine months ago, the perfect couple for this baby had encased their lavender intention in a mix of hope, excitement and confident nervousness…

“You’ll be just fine here – these people will surround you with love and give you everything they have while you learn your next lessons”, he breathed.

Enveloping his bundle with one last light-filled wash of love, he felt the soul’s incarnation was almost complete.  Gently, he dissolved into the room of pink and blue just after midnight.

Patiently he waited, only exiting when he heard the familiar gasp followed by the words, “Honey, wake up, it’s time”.

sara b.




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