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Building a Healthy Breakfast

Sometimes I wake up and I’m in the mood for cool fruit.

But I have seen a pattern that a ‘healthy’ fruit smoothie that includes a banana and berries will pump my blood sugar up and I’m ravenous mid-morning… so I’m tweaking my no-sugar/flour diet and making even lower glycemic choices..

What to eat?

Grapefruit.  Cold, crisp, sweet (ish) and satisfying.  Add some celery for a vegetable that tastes fresh, adds fiber and complements most fruit…

Top with protein:

  • Greek Yogurt.  I choose Cabot 20% Greek, plain and un-sugared of course.
  • Toasted almonds & coconut

I add a spoonful of Chia Seeds and a spoonful of Ground Flax for Omega 3’s and protein.


I like to toast sliced almonds on the stovetop….


I add some shredded (unsweetened) coconut flakes after the almond slices have started to brown (coconut doesn’t take nearly as long…).

Toasting the nuts releases more flavor and has the added benefit of crisping up the nuts that might not be perfectly fresh.  Good for toppings!

If I have any fresh herbs on hand like mint or cilantro, I’ll cut them up on top.  Breakfast doesn’t have to be bread or cereal based!


IMG_8136 IMG_8137


Macchiato enjoyed best in a Nell Van Vorst mug…

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