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Just allow.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to allow. “But wait;  I’m a power person.  I believe we create our lives, our moods, our happiness.  We manifest our intentions.  Right?”  Yes…. but there is a grace in allowing another person the space to…

Body | Mind | Spirit Writing

Just Go.

Too often, we wait.  We wait to see everything clearly.  We want to know the answers while the questions are still unfolding. I’m guilty.  I wait because I want safety, security, answers. But we do not need to see The Destination to head out…

Body | Mind | Spirit Writing

What Brought Me Here?

The King Stork brought me here, wings pulsing with the strong rhythmic beat of the heart.  Moving the world with the speed of intention – he hung in the stillness of time.  Trusting the process, he knew that the softly stirring soul he was…

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Ballast Meets Umami

Temperature: below freezing. Wind: absent. Sky: Crystal clear. Gear: Down jacket, hat, mittens, dog & the beach.  And a killer soundtrack. There are some days when Ballast* meets Umami** right in the middle.  This was one of them. Thanks, Ian Hammond, for the perfect…