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How can we be KINDer?

I remember being in a meeting room on the third floor of a hospital in Morristown, NJ.  A friend shared and speculated, “I don’t really understand God, but as close as I can figure, it is all about being Kind.”  I would expand that…

March 16, 2016
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TIPS for a HEALTHY New Year!

HOW TO HAVE A HEALTHY NEW YEAR?  BE H A P P Y.  It’s all about staying HEALTHY and HAPPY during the HOLIDAYS. Psst: If you can do this, you have the perfect ATTITUDE.  Forget Santa and Mrs. Claus, you just might be a Super Hero!  Holidays…

December 23, 2015
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Art Fair Tips

I recently had the opportunity to attend one of the larger art fairs that my city hosts.  Not having been to one of these in a while, I went in a bit unprepared.  The square footage of this particular fair covers about two long…

March 23, 2014
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Chef Profile: Cesare Casella

Umami* of Nantucket | Chef Cesare Casella Perhaps you caught a whiff of Rosemary from his pocket garnish as he walked through the Nantucket Wine Festival crowd with a grace you don’t often see in a man of his height and frame?  Or maybe…

February 12, 2014

Wine Quote

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.” ~anonymous Grey Lady Wines…

October 3, 2013
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Wine Quote

“Wine is the thinking person’s health drink.” Dr. Phillip Norrie For more information on Grey Lady Wines, click HERE.  …

October 1, 2013
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Wine Quote

“Too  much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” F. Scott Fitzgerald   For more information on Grey Lady Wines, click HERE.…

June 1, 2013