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Desiree Dennis teaches Intuition Workshop on Nantucket (April 4-6, 2014)

On April 4 – 6, 2014, Desiree Dennis, founder of Spirit Guidance and Healing, is returning to Nantucket to teach a series of classes at Bartlett’s Farm.  I met Desiree last year after a mutual friend told me,

“Oh my gosh, I went to Omega Institute, and met this amazing woman.  She’s coming to Nantucket to teach a class and you should check her out!” 

I did attend, and I was impressed at the depth of her knowledge and ability.  The class I attended had to do with Shamanism.  With a limited knowledge of Shamanism, I wondered if I needed to get a rattle and a teepee to attend?

Definitely not.  Instead, Desiree taught us several techniques for listening to your internal cues and going to Nature for guidance.

OK.  This made sense. 

I try to meditate (or sit still) for a few minutes every day; I pay attention to internal cues.  I re-charge when I exercise outside.  This winter, it was not as easy to walk as much as I normally do because it was snowy when I got home after dark.  Frankly, I get a little bit anxious after several days of not being outside.

This kind of Shamanism?  I can understand. 

Desiree is an intuitive person.

But we’re all intuitive, right?  

True, but Desiree is so intuitive that she does readings.

Lots of people do readings.  That doesn’t mean they’re good.

I was curious after the workshop.  I called her for a phone appointment.  The way she works is fascinating.  I know some people are very tuned in and have Spirit Guides.  I don’t.  At least, not that I was aware of before I talked with Desiree…  Oh, I’m down with the fact that I am spiritual (and life is much easier and richer when I honor that part of me) and that I have guidance.  But Spirit Guides?  I suppose we all have them…  Her reading was cool.  Desiree channeled my Spirit Guides.  She told me things she never could have known.

And I might have told a couple people.  Apparently lots of people who talk to Desiree tell a couple people.  She now has a very broad base of clients on Nantucket and needed to hire someone to keep track of all of the appointments!  That someone is her lovely mother, Terri, who works with her.  A body worker herself, Terri has always supported Desiree’s intuitive abilities.

Desiree told me what Spirit Guidance means to her.

“We are more than just our bodies…we are eternal Beings.  The part of us that continues after our physical life & death, is an extraordinary, dynamic, and loving consciousness often known as our spirit.  As a spirit medium, I connect with spirit guides and spirit loved ones to receive Spirit Guidance messages for people still on Earth.  This Spirit Guidance can come in many forms.  For me, I receive spirit’s messages telepathically through words / dialogue (clairaudience), images (clairvoyance), and feelings (clairsentience.)  We all have the innate ability to receive from spirit in this way, and the range of what one is able to receive increases with our practice & attention to them.”


Desiree, teaching at one of her many workshops.

Children are naturally intuitive, and as we grow up (especially in America) we learn to place more value on the intellect.  How does someone who makes their living on intuition learn to trust and develop this internal language?  Desiree began to be physically aware of her intuition when she was about eight years old.

“At certain times, when I would ask a question in my head, I would feel a warm tingling sensation down my spine.  I came to equate this with meaning that the answer to my question was ‘yes’.  When I didn’t feel anything, the answer was ‘no.’”

She went on to consciously experiment with this “yes/no” communication system. 

“I began to receive answers that could be validated as accurate in my life experience.  For instance, when I was around 10 years old, my aunt was pregnant was a baby.  I asked the “tingles” if it would be a boy or a girl, and every time I said girl I would receive a “yes!”  Everyone else in my family thought it was going to be a boy.  When my aunt did indeed have a girl, I knew that I was receiving messages that I couldn’t have known otherwise.  I began to trust and tune in with these sensations more and more.”

At times, we are all able to tune in to intuition.  But some people have a steady connection to their intuition.  Desiree was able to answer me clearly,

“I believe several factors are at play for those who learn to trust their intuition.  A strong factor for me was having familial support and being raised in an open-minded environment.  I was never told that anything I was seeing, hearing, or feeling was not acceptable.  Rather, my intuition was encouraged and nurtured.

Another reason that some people tend to tune into their intuition more is when they have a strong experience where their gut feeling proved correct over their logical mind.  These events can sometimes be life changing.  For example, someone has a feeling that they should take a different route to work, only to find later that there was a big accident on their normal route.  After these kinds of events, many people learn to trust their intuition and follow it’s guidance.”

While related, intuition is different from mediumship.  Intuition involves listening to cues we receive from our senses.  Medium-ship involves connecting with external sources. Desiree explained further,

“although both of these terms are connected, there is a difference between them.  Intuition is the process of receiving information from a source other than the physical senses, which are focused in the material world.  This spiritual insight can come from our connection to Source energy, our own Higher Selves, or beings we have not identified.  Mediumship involves connecting with specific spirit beings, such as someone on Earth’s loved ones who have passed on, or their personal spirit guides.  You need to be able to access your intuition in order to practice mediumship, but may not necessarily be practicing mediumship every time you are using your intuition.”

APRIL 4 – 6 Workshops | Bartlett’s Farm


Desiree explained, “I am offering three different workshops at Bartlett’s Farm.  I am very excited about these classes!  My first workshop, “Awakening Anahata,” on Saturday, April 5 is about healing the heart chakra and clearing emotional energy blockages to promote spiritual wellness.  It is my hope that those enrolled will learn to utilize the deep healing power of the heart chakra through a variety self-healing and partner healing practices.

final chakra man

A drawing of how the chakras alignment on the body. 

Desiree and Terri Dennis will facilitate an “Evening of Light” – Public Spirit Channeling of Quan Yin + Community Reiki Energy & Sound Healing Event“.  (Saturday, April 5, 2014   6:30 pm – 9 pm)

On Sunday, April 6th, I will be offering two intuitive development workshops.  “Exploring Your Divine Channel” is a beginning/intermediate class where participants will learn to use “automatic writing” for retrieving information from the divine and receive messages from spirit for others through fun and basic exercises.   I will also be offering a more advanced class, “Moving into Mediumship,” where participants will learn to feel and identify the distinct presences of individual spirit guides and loved ones for themselves and others.  We will also do exercises which deepen our ability to communicate and receive messages from spirit.


April 4 – 6, 2014

Classes will be held at Bartlett’s Farm.

Purchase tickets on Desiree’s website.

Desiree will be doing a limited amount of individual, private readings.

All information is to be found HERE.

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