Weight Loss


A Healthy Lifestyle is A Delicious Lifestyle!

Food choices are a direct way to improve our health. In our toxic environment, it can be difficult to make healthy choices and eat clean.

Even smart people make poor food choices.

What if you could get fit, drop excess weight, and gain lean muscle and energy with a nutritional re-balancing system?

Understand and change your habits for a healthy lifestyle with a personalized food coach.   Clients learn tips for success while eating a healthy and delicious food plan.

The reasons we eat include nourishment, pleasure, connection, soothing emotions.  Together, we will determine a plan and coaching program that works for you.  When I coach clients off sugar, we talk several times a week to look at the motivating factors behind patterns behind choices.  I also work with a nutritional system that brings weight loss and increased energy while detoxing the body for many clients!  We will customize a plan for you at a reasonable rate.



Sara Boyce, MPH, MBA

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With a Master of Public Health, a deep passion and knowledge of the health of body, mind, and spirit, Sara has provided two decades of food coaching for countless clients.  Flour and sugar free for 24 years, Sara has developed a lifestyle of healthy and clean eating.  Using her business and marketing background for achieving strategic and realistic goals for change, Sara provides personalized guidance to each client in their journey.


The easy part is deciding to change. The harder part is to understand why we continue to do what we do.  Living a healthier lifestyle is easy – especially with a guide.

You will learn to:

  1. Make better food choices and learn about Healthy Eating
  2. Introduce regular practices into your life for a Healthy Lifestyle
  3. Identify and Achieve your Goals.

The process is multi-layered:

  1. Understanding what you want to do,
  2. Understanding why you do what you do,
  3. Making the continual choices to introduce new behaviors into your life.

Changes like these are most successful when we are held accountable and receive steady guidance.

For 24 years, I have been coaching clients off sugar and flour. While clients learn to unravel the patterns that have gotten so familiar, they also learn about healthy and delicious choices.  As food choices shift, clients find they appreciate food much more, take time for themselves, and find more time in the day.  All in all, A Delicious Lifestyle!

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