Delicious Food

Health Benefits of Fennel

Food.  Food.  Food.

It’s more than what you shovel into your mouth.  It’s delicious.  It’s nourishment.  It’s comfort.  It’s a shared experience.

Make your choices good.

Slice Fennel thinly for a bit of crunch in a salad, with a hint of licorice.  Shred it in the Cuisinart and add it to coleslaw.  Sautee it with (or without) onions & garlic for a rich, delicious base to a meal.

I add fennel to a bowl of fruit, with a dollop of yogurt, topped with chia seeds, some almonds & coconut for a very satisfying and delicious breakfast!


In addition to a fiber filled vegetable that adds a variety of flavors to dishes, depending upon whether you serve it raw or cooked, there are innumerable health benefits of fennel!

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