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Health Tips from Desiree Dennis

Desiree Dennis is a talented medium and Spirit Guide.  From a chance meeting with a Nantucket resident at a workshop at The Omega Institute, Desiree has built a significant island clientele.  I was lucky enough to meet Desiree during her first island workshop.  She is returning for another series of workshops Saturday, April 11th, 2015 where she will share more of her techniques for channeling and being in touch with your own Spirit Guidance.

For the full weekend workshop, click HERE for her schedule. 

Desiree will be giving private readings while on Nantucket, but you can always  make a phone appointment.   Do yourself a favor and check it out!

What does “A Delicious Lifestyle” mean to you? 

A Delicious Lifestyle is enjoying the endless possibilities of creating my vibrant Self in each new moment.  It is collaborating with the loving community around me to create beauty on this planet together!

Desiree Yoga

Desiree, connecting with strength and balance in a Yoga pose.

When you need to shift your mood, what techniques do you use? 


If I am in a sad mood, my mom has always taught me that it is first important to acknowledge and allow the feelings that I have.  I remind myself that it is all right to feel all of my human emotions!  I then will focus on listing everything I am grateful for in my life.  I do not stay sad for very long when I use the gratitude technique, as it instantly shifts my energy from focusing on lack, to focusing on the abundance of goodness in my existence.  As I am also a musician, I will also sometimes sing one of my favorite songs while accompanying myself on the piano.  Singing helps me to release pent up emotions.


Your energy work, mediumship, and channeling must drain so much energy.  How do you re-charge? 


I always look to find balance in every way I can.  I re-charge my energy through yoga, energy work, being in nature, and spending time with family & supportive community.

 Desiree Yoga with Gretchen

Desiree practicing Yoga, outdoors with a friend.


Desiree Reiki on Grandma

Desiree, giving a Reiki |Energy Work treatment


On a busy day, what choices would you make for your health if you only had: 

–       10 minutes:  go for a short, energizing walk around my neighborhood

–       30 minutes:  a 15 minute yoga practice followed by a 15 minute meditation

–       60 minutes:  a long hike in nature with time to sit and meditate with a tree


Do you have any “Go To” Health Tips?

1.  Listen inward and follow your intuition when it comes to choosing the food you eat, the work-outs/physical activities you do, and most importantly, when you need a break.  Your body knows what it is doing and will be able to tell you exactly what you need if you take the time to listen to it.

2.  Appreciate your body and everything it is able to do for you.  Develop a sense of wonder in the many body functions that take place without you even being consciously aware of it!  Body-appreciation leads to a healthy body image!

3.  Let go of self-judgment and learn to feel grateful for the unique expression of your body!

How does Desiree work????  Click HERE for Tales of a Doubtful Reading… 

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