Healthy Eating Class | January 2015

From the Nantucket Community School:

Sara Boyce leads us in a 10-Step plan to start the New Year with a Healthy Eating plan.  Even mainstream media like the New York Times supports what many of us already know: sugar is addictive and leads to a myriad of health problems.

Whether you are interested in a cleanse or learning more about healthy eating, Sara can share her 22 years of experience of creating delicious, healthy meals without sugar or white flour.  As a class, we will look at the patterns around food and eating, and ways to introduce new patterning.  Expect a combination of personal and group interaction.  We will sample a number of recipes that are light on grains, involve whole foods, and do not have any added sugar or flour.

Sara creates personalized, goal-oriented marketing plans for individuals and organizations.  Her passion for nutrition, healthy eating and living, led her to advanced degrees in Public Health and Business Administration.

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Personal Note:

If you want help developing a healthier eating plan, losing weight, or getting off sugar, please be in touch. I have a lot of tools in my healthy eating tool belt and am happy to share.

December 21, 1991 was the last day I ate sugar and flour. It was easier to cut them out than continue to battle my cravings for more and deal with how physically and emotionally ill they made me. Simply eliminating them improved my physical and mental health.   Back then, people thought I was crazy for substituting rice (one of the only substitutes) for pasta. Through the years, I have developed an increasingly healthy lifestyle as I studied nutrition, healthy cooking and living. Using the same techniques and skills I use when developing marketing plans, I have coached many people off of sugar.

~ Sara

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