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TIPS for a HEALTHY New Year!


H It’s all about staying HEALTHY and HAPPY during the HOLIDAYS.

Psst: If you can do this, you have the perfect ATTITUDE.  Forget Santa and Mrs. Claus, you just might be a Super Hero!

A Holidays can be difficult.  It’s important to have the right ATTITUDE.  

Families who don’t often see each other during the year gather for the holidays (cue potential awkwardness?).

Expectations are heightened (Perhaps we are hosting and most of the burden falls on us?).

We are making memories.  This can come with a lot of perceived pressure.

Decide that your ATTITUDE will be positive.


Our goal is to be Healthy & Happy, remember?  ‘Tis the Season for Holiday feasts, parties, extra cocktails, heavy meals, egg nog and sweet treats.

P  PREVENT Hunger and Exhaustion

PREVENT Hunger so you don’t feel like Santa at the end of the Season. Have a Protein Drink or an Apple before you go out.  Then you can enjoy one or two of Aunt Martha’s cookies, and not a whole handful….

Have a handful of veggies from the veggie platter before hitting the cheese plate.

If you want to be very clear, decide in advance how many appetizers you will sample.

PREVENT exhaustion.  Take the naps you need (even for a short rest).  Make sure to exercise (even if just for a quick walk).  Take some quiet time to reflect on the true meaning of the Holidays (even if you have to get up 15 minutes before the others).

Y  YOLO.  

You Only Live Once.  There is only one 2015 Holiday Season.  Make the most of it.  Go into it with a positive intention and preparation. Take steps to stay Healthy and Grounded so YOU can enjoy the Holidays and make the New Year Happy even if YOU are Santa.

Merry Merry and Happy Happy!

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