I commit to Life.


What do you commit to?


As I sat on the mat, grounding down for strength and clarity, I breathed in and started to answer my own question, “What do you commit to?”

I commit to Life.

I commit to showing up.

I commit to walking through the fire.

I commit to bringing all of me in, wherever I go.

I commit to not checking out.

I commit to not covering up.

I commit to spending time with the people who raise, guide, and strengthen me.

I commit to facing my fears.

I commit to asking for help to face those fears and weaknesses.

I commit to developing all of me.

I commit to being not using alcohol, food, activities, or multiple relationships to dull the intensity and pain of life.

I commit to being authentic.

I commit to Me.

Midway through the yoga practice Shannah Green spoke directly to me.

“Reach forward with your heart as you straighten your back, bring your hands to your shins, and find the Sukha, or sweetness in life. As you exhale and slide your hands to touch your ankles then slowly rise to standing with your arms overhead look up arch your back, open your heart, and release the Dukkha, or suffering in life.”


And this is why I go to yoga: to ground myself, get clear, and weave together my body, mind and spirit.


It is all a choice. We can let life happen to us or commit to Life.


I choose to commit.

sara b.


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