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Jayne Thompson Antiques

Jayne Thompson Antiques

As I toured the Nantucket Historical Association’s Antiques & Design Show (2013), I was looking for exceptional pieces.  Jayne Thompson Antiques is a wonderful antiques dealer that specializes primarily in English furniture from the 17th through early 19th Centuries.  This George IV period mahogany pedestal desk caught my eye.

While I was drawn in by the desk, the handsome young collector who scrambled on the chair to sit at the desk kept me in Jayne Thompson Antiques booth!  I wonder just how  many men, of all ages, have sat behind this particular item?  

NHA all ages

Mark Finke of Jayne Thompson Antiques explained its history: “A George IV period mahogany pedestal desk. English, circa 1830. 62″ wide, 41″ deep, 31.5” high. With lots of interesting elements including “flame”-figured timber, a beaded molding just below the drawers and lions’ head hardware. The color is a lovely caramel tone. With three functioning drawers on one side and three dummy drawers on the reverse. The cupboard doors function on both sides.”

ped desk lions ang

George IV period mahogany pedestal desk

ped desk lions det

ped desk lions top


Mark, how did you get into the industry?

Basically by happy accident. I had no background in antiques industry whatsoever and was looking for work one year out of college. I had some other friends that were working for the company at the time who recommended me for an open position. Fifteen years later, I have worked my way up from the ground floor, married the boss’s daughter along the way, and now Lori and I run the day-to-day operations while her mom (Jayne) serves as mentor and valued advisor while still doing some decorating work of her own.

What trends to you see in your specialty industry?

The market for brown furniture has certainly sagged in recent years with a number of dealers getting out of the game since the recession. As brown furniture has gone in and out of fashion ever since it was created, we do believe it has started to rebound.

What trends do you see in the antiques industry as a whole?

Selling is certainly more difficult, but those dealers who are willing to work the hardest seem to be enduring.

Do you have advice for beginning collectors?

Find a dealer or a couple dealers that you trust and whose tastes align with your own. It should be someone you feel comfortable spending time with and someone who doesn’t mind spending the time to explain and educate. If you then are able to buy just one really nice piece each year, in 20 years you will have a wonderful collection. Often, one really strong piece of furniture can make a room.

Advice for seasoned collectors?

Buy what you love.


Jayne Thompson Antiques

Website: www.jaynethompsonantiques.com

847 Kennedy Bridge Road

Harrodsburg, KY  40330

phone: 859-748-5628

lori and mark

Lori & Mark Finke

Mark Finke

Jayne Thompson Antiques

847 Kennedy Bridge Road

Harrodsburg, KY  40330



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