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Just Go.

Too often, we wait.  We wait to see everything clearly.  We want to know the answers while the questions are still unfolding.

I’m guilty.  I wait because I want safety, security, answers.

But we do not need to see The Destination to head out on our journey.  We trust this when we get in our cars, on our bikes, or go for a walk.  After all, how could we see all the way to the finish line?

We also trust that, if we have the time, we might veer off course for a little exploration.  If we get lost, there might be a moment of panic, but we have our maps (and now our Garmins, iPhones, and all manner of other mapping device).  We will not be lost for long.  We can change our minds.  We can go in another direction.  We can get lost.  We can stay on course.

And we definitely do not need to see The Destination before we start.


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