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My dear friend, Greg Mehringer, continually inspires me.  We became friends on Facebook first, bonding over the idea of Random Acts of Kindness.  Greg is one of those people who actually follows through by consistently practicing anonymous and Random Acts of Kindness to those off and on island.  In a storm, Greg is one of the people making the rounds to a group of elderly residents, making sure they are OK.

Like many of us, Greg’s life has been filled with ups and downs.  Perhaps Greg’s have been more profound, or perhaps not.  He’s had multiple businesses on Nantucket, including the famed Morning Glory Cafe on the Wharf.  He’s loved deeply, experienced deep loss when the love of his life, Jess, died died of a rare form of cancer.  He lives a quiet, if busy, life on Nantucket with his beautiful, graceful, and inspiring daughter Janie.

Greg’s business, Nantucket Salvage (stay tuned for more information) is the realization of a lifelong passion he shared with Jess.  He sees the beauty in used items, many slated for waste, and re-purposes the materials into alternate projects.  Often times he finds a used item and turns it into art.   Nantucket Salvage is also functional.  Nantucket Salvage can de-construct a home and re-use the majority of materials for future building projects, at a smaller cost than the traditional demolition process.

And who doesn’t want to see the beauty and use in everyday items?

Greg & Janie

Greg and Janie Mehringer

Greg is a fabulous example of someone living A Delicious Lifestyle, one day at at time.

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