Low Carb Muffin for a #Healthy Lifestyle

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh muffins, right out of the oven? The steam rises from the tray, you know should wait, but you grab it quickly, lightly, and bounce it like a hot potato until you get it to the plate. The first slice of the muffin releases the cloud of steam release into the air, and all nearby noses turn to inhale. The spread of coconut oil or butter on each half melts and drenches the top layer of the muffin… just before you take your first bite….coating the top of the muffin you pull towards your mouth…

Weekends are for carbohydrates, that’s for sure. But with this healthy, low carb muffin recipe, you don’t have to go off the rails.

Full disclosure: this recipe is Peter Lochtefeld’s, and he makes it from his head. Use this as a guideline and recognize there is a little flexibility in the amounts…


2 Eggs

1 cup Almond Milk

some cooking oil like Grape Seek Oil


½ cup + Oats

¼ – ½ cup Almond Flour

Spelt Flour (More than the oats, and about 2x the amount of the Almond Meal)

Ground Flax seeds

½ cup Coconut Sugar

Fresh grated Ginger


Berries or Cranberries

1 heaping teaspoon of Baking Powder

Make sure the batter is mixed to the right consistency before adding the berries, so you don’t crush all the berries!

Bake at 25 minutes @ 375 into a greased pan.

Peter’s last words: “If you do it right come out w exactly right amount to fill muffin pan.”

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