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My Nutritional Cleanse

I am a massive fan of Nutritional Cleansing.  It has been the easiest way for me to maintain my weight (yes, even through 2 winters of hibernation) keep an elevated energy level and avoid ALL Flu and Colds in the last 1.5 years.

Seriously.  This is a game changer  for me.  No flu shots.  No extra boxes of Kleenex.  No antibiotics.  I used to get every flu and bug that went around.  So much so that one of my dear friends kindly asked me, “Sara, why do you think you get so sick so often?”

What does it involve?  I simply blend up a special protein shake instead of my fruit smoothie every morning.

But Sara, Didn’t you already eat healthy? 

Yes I did.  When beautiful sister in law came to visit and mentioned this simple system to me, I was skeptical.

After all,  I’ve lived A Delicious Lifestyle for 25 years without Flour and Sugar; I enjoy a a whole food diet, and I love to cook, so I know what goes into my meals…. I write about food, I teach a Healthy Eating class, I’ve coached loads of people off sugar through the years, I practice Healthy Living….

Nonetheless, she was so very excited, I started listening to her.  And when she mentioned that she lost that pesky 9 lbs of baby weight in a month, I really started paying attention.

Why, you ask?  Because here it was, the end of August.  And I STILL hadn’t shaken LAST winter’s extra layer….

At 44, 2 weeks of jogging didn’t shake off the extra pounds like it did in my 20’s…

So I tried it.  It took 3 weeks to release LAST winter’s layer.  EASILY. 

Coffee and Protein Shakes

Packing travel food is a helluva lot easier now…

If you’re interested, let’s have a quick call.  I want to share.  It’s easy to use – especially for busy people who want exceptional nutrition in a grab & go kindof way!

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