Nantucket Basket Museum Sale | Sconset Casino

Gentlemen: Start Your Engines!
The annual Sale (Yard Sale?  Rummage Sale?  Junk Sale?  Other People’s Junk Are My New Treasures Sale?) starts tomorrow.  Well, technically it started tonight.  Apparently there was a preview “to the trade”, and I got to go as I have been helping my friend Margot Montgomery, who is an interior designer.


Hmmm…. Are all those all designers?  Methinks not.  BUT, they are all people looking for a good deal on a ton of stuff.

Gates open at 10.  Last year, I was actually pushed out of the way when waiting for the doors to the Sconset Casino to open.  No joke.

  IMG_8475  IMG_8474

The immense amount of donations goes to a good cause and has been thoroughly organized by a selfless team of volunteers.  I can only imagine how long it took them to coordinate everything.


The sale is on tomorrow and Sunday.  It’s fun.  Even though I vowed I didn’t need anything, I couldn’t help walking out with some some pretty linens.



Get there early.  The above photograph is people waiting to check out.  On the “preview night”.  Have fun!

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