Nantucket Portrait: Megan DuBois

Having had the pleasure of practicing Yoga with Megan DuBois in a number of her different Yoga classes, I wanted to learn more about her Yoga training, philosophy, and how she came to Nantucket.

How did you get involved with yoga, Megan?

I took my first yoga class in the library of a New Hampshire public high school. Yoga wasn’t as easy to find then as it is now and was completely new to me. My teacher was Kripalu trained and the class was alignment based. At the time, I was the mother of two small boys and I loved — craved– the calm that seemed to envelop me after each yoga class.

Who are the teachers who have influenced you in your yoga training?

Over the years I’ve trained with a number of teachers but the stand outs for me are: Doug Keller (therapeutic yoga), Sarah Powers (yin yoga), Rolf Gates and Baron Baptiste (power/vinyasa flow yoga) and Cora Wen ( restorative yoga). Kathryn Budig is a ton of fun as a teacher– very playful and she can make even the most complicated postures seem accessible.

Having just returned from a fabulous workshop at Kripalu, I think I have to add J. Brown and the Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn as major influences in the evolution of my yoga practice.

J. absolutely changed the way I look at the importance of breath in practice.

What is your teaching style?

I love teaching all types of yoga and feel fortunate that I’m able to teach a variety of classes on Nantucket–from restorative to power flow. I feel grateful to have studied with teachers from such different backgrounds and feel confident that this study has equiped me with an extensive tool belt from which to draw. My yin and restorative classes  are pure and true to the teachings of each of those styles but when I teach a more flow based class, I try to incorporate elements from other forms of yoga. Typically, my classes don’t adhere to a set sequence but emerge from my sense of the group that has shown up to practice.


Do you see benefits to a regular yoga practice?

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are numerous–from improved flexibility and strength to lower cortisol levels and a healthier immune system. I would lead you to read Dr. Tim McCall’s wonderful book, “Yoga as Medicine.” There is a more condensed version of his assertions available in an article from Yoga Journal entitled, ” Count on Yoga: 38 Ways Yoga Keeps You Fit.”  Personally, I find that yoga has made me less reactive. I am calmer in my approach to parenting and better adept at handling conflict and disappointment.

Do you regular healthy practices you try to incorporate into daily life?

Regular yoga is important to me — both a home practice and in a group setting. It’s important for teachers to continue to take class. I also run, meditate, do breath work and drink green juice.

Why Nantucket?

I haven’t lived on Nantucket very long and am still getting used to balancing the extremes of summer and winter. I love the natural beauty and feel grateful that so much of the island has been conserved for our enjoyment. I’ve had a great time exploring the beaches, paddle boarding (paddle board yoga!), hiking the moors and have been blown away by the cultural offerings– lectures and films at the Atheneum and fantastic music offered everywhere from Cisco to Pazzo.


Megan teaches Aeriel yoga at Dharma Yoga

Where can we take your classes?

Wednesday and Sunday mornings for Dharma Yoga (started by JoAnn Burnham) at Bartlett Farm. Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Westmoor Club and Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings at The Yoga Room (started by Shannah Green).  (Make sure to check websites for the most up to date schedules.)

Who would you like to study with in the future?

Paul Grilley, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, and Pema Chodron

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