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Recipe | Off-the-Hook Crock Pot Chicken

Seriously Off-the-Hook Crock-Pot Chicken

Healthy, delicious living.

Put some healthy ballast under your Umami of Life….

This dinner was easy, ever so healthy, delicious enough to be proud of and make me want more… and good for a solid four other meals…


The chicken was succulent, moist, and fell off the bone.  I spooned it on a 2 leaves of uncooked chopped kale (the hot chicken, veggies, and broth lightly steams the kale.)

Place in the crockpot:


3 onions, Sliced & half-ed
Recipe | Off the Hook Crockpot Chicken - 1

1 fennel bulb, sliced.
Recipe | Off the Hook Crockpot Chicken - 2

2 Sweet Potatoes, scrubbed, sliced & diced (1” chunks)
Recipe | Off the Hook Crockpot Chicken - 3

2 bay leaves

In a separate dish, season 3lbs chicken (I used on-the-bone, parts).  Organic, of course!  Unless you like to eat arsenic.  Which the FDA allows in small quantities in chicken feed.  If they eat it; we eat it. 




  • Seasoning can be what you have on hand.  I used this mix:
    • Red pepper chili flakes (I went lightly, but evenly on the top).
    • The following combination, I layered on.
      • Tumeric
      • Thyme
      • Za’taar Seasoning (a middle eastern spice heavy on the Thyme, Sesame Seeds and a mix of other seasonings).  I get mine at Sahadi’s in Brooklyn.  They have an online store.
      • Ginger – powdered
      • Ginger Root – grated


Recipe | Off the Hook Crockpot Chicken - 4


Layer chicken pieces on the top of all the diced vegetables.




Mix this dressing, and drizzle over the whole pot.


  • 1/3  cup Liquid Aminos* or  Soy Sauce
  • ¼ cup Rice Vinegar
  • Splash Sesame oil
  • Spoon Dijon Mustard
  • Spoon Chopped Garlic



Recipe | Off the Hook Crockpot Chicken - 5



Turn Crockpot on High, for 5 hours.

Spoon Chicken, Veggie, & Broth on to Chopped Kale.

Recipe | Off the Hook Crockpot Chicken - 6




Recipe | Off the Hook Crockpot Chicken - 7


Enjoy with a nice medium bodied wine.  I chose a glass of Rioja.





* a salt free, wheat free substitute for Soy Sauce.  You can find it at Health Food Stores.  Bonus: helps your digestion.


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