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Rumi was right. Do what you love. You can’t go wrong.


“Let yourself be drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.”

Oh Rumi.  How did he nail it, time after time?  Like a god damned carpenter.  Or more aptly, like Oh, God!  Damn; You are a beautiful carpenter!

And how true this is – we have all heard it, time and time again.

Trust yourself; you can’t go wrong.

Do what you love; the money will follow.

Follow your heart.

March to your own drummer.


Most importantly – if we do what we love, we will be happy.  When we are happy and complete in life, we are in our zone… In the flow.  In the energy.  Satisfied and complete, not lacking and looking.  Like attracts like, and when we are following our heart’s purpose, we will attract others doing the same.

In high school English classes we had to read poetry.  I say “had to” because it always seemed laborious.  Granted, this might have been the English class and high school – but it never seemed to sing to me.  It was like Opera.  I wanted to experience the exquisite beauty of Opera that aficionado’s experience.  But I could never get into the flow.  Someone always interrupted a stunning aria with guttural German sing song words.  To me, the beauty just wasn’t worth the effort. 

Then I flipped open a book of Rumi’s poems in a bookstore in Hardwick, VT.  He instantly became my favorite Poet.  His words are so clear.  They are as true today as when he was writing in the 13th century.  I remember standing in that bookstore, lost in the quiet, barely hearing the woman who worked there moving about, re-stocking books and taping handwritten reviews on index cards, “Staff Favorite!”, up on the shelves, letting me spend as much time as I wanted, knowing we shared a love for books and all of the stories encased on the shelves.  I had to sit down in a chair to read more, I was so struck by the simplicity of his words, his reverence and the stories he painted of love, friendship, nature, and human truth.  (When I learned about his love for ecstatic dance, I was even more enamored of him.)

 Yesterday morning, as I scrolled through Instagram, I was drawn to a series of photographs on the @SoaringDude account.  Not only did I like his work, but I was moved by the simplicity and timeliness of the words he had chosen to place in his bio section: “Let yourself be drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.” ~ Rumi

Letting myself by drawn by the pull of what I really love (beauty and people), I struck up a conversation, learned more about the artist, saw his website (www.sparppics.com) and hope to collaborate with him and maybe learn a bit about hanggliding from him.

 Thank you, Morteza at www.sharppics.com, for the quote, the beauty, the memories, and the conversation. 

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