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Saltie Girl, Boston MA | Restaurant Review

Saltie Girl

281 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116


*VIBE: 4





OVERALL RECOMMENDATION: We loved it! Check this place out!

Sara & Chip’s Restaurant Review for A Delicious Lifestyle:


We started off our New Year’s Eve Weekend in Boston.  Intrigued with our friend Kathy Sidell’s newest restaurant, Saltie Girl, we excitedly took her up on her offer to text her first ‘when we’re next in the city and want to check it out’.

Word to the wise: It’s first come, first served at this jewel box of a resto, so be prepared to enjoy one of their fabulous cocktails until seats free up…

Shivering from the cold, we pushed through the door into the bustle and energy of this small and cozy restaurant, which shook the chill right off us.

We (almost) exclusively prefer sitting at the bar because of the vibe, being close the the bartender and watching them do their thang, and the casual conversations that can happen when sitting next to strangers (who don’t ~ usually ~ remain strangers for long when sitting next to us!)  We were led immediately to a high top booth, in close proximity to the bar.  It felt just as lively as sitting right “up front”….  With 5 high top booths, a few high tops in the front of the restaurant and roughly 15 seats at the bar, Saltie Girl offers a nice blend of plenty of action, but a small enough size to always be able to catch a server’s eye.

Decoration behind the bar was bottles upon bottles, arranged in various bookshelf-type cubes, alternating with bottles of pickled yum yums, prompting me to say to Chip (architect by day), “when you design a home for me, I want lots of book shelf compartments like that wall!”  The nautical theme was not overdone – a Mermaid behind the bar, columns wrapped with rope, Scallops Crudo served in the shell…  Perfect!


  • Mezcal represented (check plus for a couple of options)
  • Bourbon based cocktail with a scorched orange garnish settled perfectly  the on top of the glass.

We are sharing people.  We actually prefer sharing a few small plates so this was a menu for us.  It was hard to choose between the apps, the incredible selection of tinned fish, the small plates…

  • Tinned Mackerel
  • Scallops Crudo, Uni and Caviar
    • (This beauty is an absolute stunner of a dish.  Like, really really good.) (OK – this dish?  THIS thing?  It gets a “5”.  Really, really, REALLY Delicious.  Chip verbalized what I was thinking, “OK, I could live on that.”
  • Torched Salmon Belly?  Why, Yes, we will!

Later we realized that the torching was happening behind the bar.  Pretty cool.

Sara & Chip’s restaurant review recommendation for Saltie Girl?  Git, Git, Git yerselves to 281 Dartmouth Street ASAP! 

Our Rating System:

5 = The BEST thing we’ve ever tasted.  In the World.  For Realz.

4 = Pretty amazing

3 = Damn good

2 = Fine

1 = Meh

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