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Sayulita, Mexico


It’s about an hour drive from the airport in Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita, a wonderful beach town, filled with a nice combination of Mexicans and hippie tourists.  This festive beach town has an easy-going, laid-back vacation vibe.

Golf carts, bikes, people, and cars roam freely in the hilly and (often cobblestoned!) streets.

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The town is loaded with restaurants, bars, coffee joints, surf shops, and arts & crafts stores.  The Arts & Crafts are pretty typical but not particularly inexpensive.  In addition to the mass produced Mexican ceramics, there was a lot of hand crafted work available.

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A town for easy strolling…


There was an abundance of restaurants with people spilling in and out of them.  Food is fresh and plentiful.  We had a number of good meals at restaurants – but none rivaled the fish tacos we made ourselves for Christmas “Dinner”, overlooking the surfers and swimmers on the beach.


Note the happy dances from the fresh, tasty fish tacos, warm weather, and family vibes…  and a couple of babies didn’t hurt either!


Sayulita Beach

The beach is filled with more people than you can imagine: surfers, performers, people selling food and trinkets and families swimming.  The water temperature is perfect.

Mornings are best for surfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding, because the water is so calm and the people are not yet out in droves, but keep an eye out all day long.

Playa de los Muertos

In addition to the main beach, (pictured above), check out Playa de los Muertos.  It’s tucked away and involves a walk of a few minutes.  Actually, you could drive, although I wouldn’t recommend it.  We walked along the shoreline, following the road as it hugged the rocky beach.  At some point, we took the road as it turned to dirt and scrambled up the hill, our only indicator of the beautiful gem of a beach a handwritten sign that says, “Playa de los Muertos”.  We walked, but there were bikes, cars, and golf carts in a very slow lane to access the tiny parking area.  Judging by the crunch of the golf cart we heard, not all the cars could fit there!  Advice: walk to Playa de los Muertos.  

We walked past cemetery “Playa de los MUERTOS”, with its brightly colored, above-ground tombs.  The scene was beautiful and somewhat eerie, made complete with a young, beautiful, dread-locked hippie couple singing to their ukelele, in a soulful way that is worthy of an Isabel Allende book.

Once we were pushed through the tunnel of traffic and visual stimulation, we were thrust onto an elbow of a beach cove that is secluded and beautiful.  While we have heard this nook of a beach can be very calm and great for snorkeling, the day we were there, the waves were strong enough to knock us down!

For more details on Playa de los Muertos, check out this LINK.

Market (Mercado):

Friday morning there is a Market (Mercado) which was very popular.  There were jewelers and artists selling their wares, as well as a lot of organic or small production food for sale.

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Sayulita Smoothie Mi Buen

Location: Revolucion and Pelicanos.

Make sure to stop here on your way in and/or out of town!  Smoothies are very reasonably priced, delicious and satisfying.

Smoothies Mi Buen

This guy is located under a thatched roof on a street corner as you enter the town.  Isaac, the owner operator, has one ear bud in, he’s grooving to 80’s music on the radio, and he mixes up cool, healthy smoothies, perfect for the warm weather.

Smoothie mi Buen

Isaac, Owner/Operator at Smoothie Mi Buen

Isaac doesn’t like to stray from the menu too much, but what he has on the menu is very good!  I had to work to persuade him to leave out the honey, that I could take the risk of it being less sweet!  In fact, it was good enough to stop a few days in a row….

Price: 50 – 65 Pesetas.

One funny thing: He samples each smoothie (all very sanitary) to make sure it tastes good before giving it to the customer.

Pull over and grab a smoothie!



We found a wonderful yoga studio, Paraiso Yoga.  Be warned: it is very popular.  We thought we left enough time to sneak into class, and we were the last 3 people allowed into the class.  We practiced in a lovely thatched roof loft without walls.  Narayuni runs a busy studio with a busy schedule of visiting yoginis.  TIMOTHY SEIWERATH was our teacher, and led us through a mid-level vinyasa flow class.  After, he demonstrated some of his Acro Yoga “tricks” by laying on his back with straight legs up in the air, while he supported another man on his feet.  For several minutes, we were rapt, and Tim (the base) turned our fellow practitioner (the flier) rightside up and down, and rotated him through a series of poses while offering many of the benefits of Thai Massage.


Directions are HERE.

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