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Nantucket Portrait: AudioArchitechs

Art on Nantucket and Beyond – originally printed 2012 The AudioArchitechs By Sara Boyce Do you remember the movie Dirty Dancing when Jennifer Grey’s character, a teenager on a staid family vacation at an Adirondack camp mistakenly wandered into a loud, dark, steamy staff dance party?…

Food Recipes

Raw Fennel & Orange Salad

RECIPE | Raw Fennel & Orange Salad It’s Saturday. There’s dancing at Pazzo.  The AudioArchitechs spin.  There’s a group of us girlfriends that usually show up – and try to gather beforehand… Scene:  visiting family.  Beautiful Saturday.  The text comes in, “Hey girlfriends, who…


What do you DO in the Winter on Nantucket???

Umami* of Nantucket By Sara Boyce January 19th on Nantucket is the dead of winter. Right?When Chip Webster invited me to dinner a few Saturday nights ago, we planned to top off the evening with Billy Desmond’s Electro Swing night at Pazzo. As costumes…