The Egg Taco: Devastatingly Delicious Recipe

  The Egg Taco: Devastatingly Delicious.

Oh my gosh.  It’s winter on the East Coast.  My mind tells me to eat healthy but my body craves warm, flavorful delicious comfort food.

Enter the Egg Taco.  It’s pretty healthy.  Not many carbs.  Clean protein.  Veggies.  Low on fat.  It’s WAY easy.  It is messy – so feels like it can’t be healthy.

But it is.


Warm each tortilla on both sides to get out the moisture.

Use a dry saute pan but keep an eye on it to prevent burning.  I flip it and when done, lay tortillas on a warm plate.

Sprinkle some sliced cabbage. (For ease, I buy a bag of coleslaw fixings.)
Slice a little bit of onion on each one

Cut cilantro to taste with scissors (we are going for a quick, easy, healthy AND delicious meal!)
One fried egg. Grate a bit of cheese immediately after you’ve flipped the egg, while still in the pan.


One spoon salsa (to taste)
One spoon spicy peppers (to taste)
One spoon of Greek yogurt (to taste)
Squeeze 1/2 lime over all three.
Pretty damn easy.
Amazingly delicious.
Pretty healthy.
Super fun.

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