What is YOUR Superpower?

My friend Trish Fontanilla recently asked, “What is YOUR SuperPower?”.  It’s a fun and clever way to ask a very important question. You might already know the answer.  If you don’t, figure it out.  We all have SuperPowers!  Summarize what your passion is.  (hint: Usually that’s related to your SuperPower.) What you are good at? Both personally and professionally?

Once we get clear, manifestation of our dreams becomes easy because we have a very clear channel of intent – both with ourselves and others.

This then applies to everything.

Why do we do what we do? WHY are we rocking our nutritional cleanse? WHY are we committed to changing our bodies, health, and lifestyle? Why are we working on building our business?  Why are we working to release certain habits and integrate others?  More and more, I am realizing that the clearer I can be in my life and in my words, the easier it is to realize my goals. Because words matter. A lot. And we ALWAYS get back what we put out there.

So, What is YOUR Superpower?

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